Belset is a new shoe brand that was established in 2014 at Menorca. We started this project with an entreprenural team that has been working in the shoemaking sector for more than 25 years in different companies from the island of Menorca.

Since our establishment, we have achieved to extend our brand to new markets in countries such as Japan, China and Switzerland, among others.


We are happy with our brand’s evolution, as we have succeeded in transmitting to our clients that our products are 100% made in Menorca, handcrafted and made with premium materials. Belset shoes and our rustic abarcas line, Belset Rustic, are inspired in fashion, quality and, of course, comfort.

Belset is best know for its chic-sport fashion style and also for being constantly in line with the new fashion trends.



“Our manufacturing process is 100% on the island:
quality, design and comfort come together Belset shoes”